• Monday, May 20 2024 11:02 pm

Guild Recruitment & Rewards


We have started a reward recruitment initiative.

The Basics:

  • For every Unique Legacy (Characters Last Name) you recruit, you will get 5 million credits.
    • They must stay in the guild for 1 month and be active.
      • In other words you can't just bring someone in and they park their toon.
    • You must put a note on the website and in member notes in game, that you recruited
      them and the date you recruited them.
      • An officer will transfer those notes after a month to the officer notes.

We need more active members in the guild. There is no reason the same 6-12 people should be the ones making
sure we hit the Conquest Point Objective every week.
We should make it regardless of if a person takes a week off, or decides that they want to work on their IMP Side toon that week.

To post your Recruits on the website Click on "News & Info" on the Navigation Bar and Select "Guild Recruit / Invites"

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