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GSF "Galactic Starfighter" info and Guides

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GSF guides for new players - there are a lot of GSF guides made by players over the
lifetime of GSF. I'm putting here the ones I think are the most concise and straightforward,
so that any new player can read them and be off.

  • Dakhath's Tips for New Players - another beginner's guide from a different angle. More ships
    specific, and covers a bunch of mistakes new players tend to make (such as assuming gear is the
    reason they're losing).

  • Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide - this one contains a lot of stuff in it, but if you're new the
    interesting part for you will be the builds Stasie lists there. All of them are good starting points for
    anyone who doesn't know exactly what they're looking for in their ship.

Video guides - if you're more of a visual person, there's plenty of that too! While there's no
complete guide such as those you would find written, there's more than enough to get you flying
and understanding what yo're doing.

  • GSF School - a new channel by Despon dedicated to helping players improve their GSF skills through
    guides, match recordings and match breakdowns. Very well made and highly recommended.

  • Galactic Starfighter Tips for Beginners (No Upgrades) - a short video depicting how a player in a
    completely stock ship can still contribute to their team simply by understanding how the game works.
    A worthwhile watch.

  • Ship Specific Tutorials - Drakolich explains how he builds his three most competitive ships and displays
    how to use them. Excellent insight as to how a good player's mind works during a match, and good
    builds for serious matches.

To CXP farmers - GSF is a good way to earn CXP (or so I'm told). A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You earn more CXP per win, and more CXP per medal. I say this to dispel the belief that self destructing or
    parking on a captured node the whole match will net you greater benefit per time played.
    An (incomplete) medal list - as you can see, dealing damage,destroying turrets,
    killing and assisting with kills all will grant you medals. While some of these medals can
    be hard to get, you don't need to be a veteran with mastered ships to deal 10-20k (even 30k) damage,
    and assists are literally dealing damage to someone who will be killed later on.

  • Self destructs tend to kill queues. I don't know how they affect queues now that CXP is a thing, but in 3/4.0
    some players would go into a match and AFK (best case) or SD for conquest. This kills the faction queue
    quickly; no one who wants to play the game will queue up knowing they're getting into an automatic loss
    without anything they can do about it. Seems obvious, but I figuerd I'd spell it out just in case.

My agenda here is to help new players interested in learning the game have a more favorable experience,
and to reduce the amount of players actively sabotaging games for what they perceive as personal gains.
The devs (and Eric Musco) have said on a couple of streams that GSF will recieve attention if they see people
play it. I'm not keeping my hopes up, but I love the game even as it currently is and I'll keep on flying for a
while in any case. Any requests and improvement suggestions are great in my opinion, but probably won't
happen any time soon, which brings me to my last point - if you want to see GSF on the developer radar, play
it. Get your friends and fly it, show interest in it! That's the only way I know of to make it so that GSF will get
the love it deserves.

Finally, Dakhath made a Discord server for GSF. It has been published here already, but I figure anyone who read
this far might be interested. Here it is: https://discord.gg/2gxt5c9

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